Validate the code of your Digital Voucher

The Digital Voucher offers you a trial membership in the World Class network. In order to activate online your trial membership, you need to validate your code in a couple of easy steps. After the code is validated you can configure the trial membership start date and you can activate your membership.

Enter the Digital Voucher code in the form below in order to validate it.


Each Member must always follow these Rules of World Class as such shall be amended from time to time by World Class and which shall be posted on the website and/or in the Member Account area, and/or in the health/sport centers. These rules are an integrant part of World Class Internal Regulation.

The following rules should be complied with when using the guest passes:

  1. Guest passes granted by World Class in addition to the membership purchase can be used only digitally, from Basic to Platinum level of services for the guest passes granted to Members in Basic up to Platinum level clubs and from Basic to W level of services for the guest passes issued to Members in W level clubs. The digital guest passes may be offered by the Member from the Member Account area or World Class application to the guests of the Member, according to the digital voucher received in the Member Account, via SMS sent to the guest. Guests shall create their own try account as Guest Member for using such voucher and if the case, book a class.
  2. Guest passes cannot be used through the Reception of the World Class centre.
  3. Guest passes can only be used by the same beneficiary with a 15 days interval as of the previous use of the pass received by a beneficiary from the same member or from another member.
  4. Guest passes cannot be used by the Member him/herself.
  5. Guest passes cannot be accumulated with other campaigns or benefits.
  6. Benefits are NOT transferable to other members or to future memberships if NOT used within their expiry term.
  7.  The purpose of the Guest passes is that other individuals which did not benefited by World Class health and fitness services or who do not have an active Subscription is to get familiar with such services or benefit by such services in order for them to be able to take a decision in good knowledge on purchasing a subscription at one of World Class centres.
  8. Breach of the rules of using Benefits may result in the cancelation of such Benefits based on a notification issued by World Class in this respect and termination of the Subscription, as indicated in art. 10 of World Class Internal Regulations.
  9. Guest Passes shall not be given to people under 18 years of age and can only be used by clients 18 years above.
  10. Members below 18 do not obtain additional benefits as Guest Passes.
  11. Guest Passes can be activated only by using a Romanian mobile number.